SBE 24 EAS Encoders

Last update: May, 2004


Researched by Gary Timm
State Emergency Communications Committee Broadcast Co-Chair


Two-chip upgrade available for $100 + $10 s&h, 10% discount for pre-paid or credit card orders. For more information click here to go to the TFT Website.

OPERATIONAL PROBLEMS: If you have installed TFT's new upgrade and you are experiencing problems with printing or sending alerts, contact TFT for newest version of the upgrade (as of April 2003, that is Version 8.4.2). Contact TFT at 408-727-7272, Ext. 300, or


It is recommended that you get the Sage upgrade from Harris, since their upgrade includes the new County Subdivision names, as well as the Marine/Lake Location Codes. You can download the new software from the Web now. This upgrade software must be used with the Sage DOS program,and loaded into your Sage unit using your computer. Alternately, a new, pre-programmed PROM is now available from Harris, which simply needs to be installed into your Sage unit in exchange for the existing PROM. Cost is $150. Call Harris to order: 800-622-0022.

You can type in the new Event Codes and new Location Codes using your computer and the Sage DOS program available from the Harris Web site. However, with this method, there is a limit of 52 characters for the Event Codes and 40 characters for the Location Codes. If you are entering Marine Codes, this will not supply enough characters, and it is recommended you go with the Harris upgrades above. Also, this method does not allow changing the County Subdivision names, which are included in the Harris upgrade.


The upgrade chip is now available. For units currently running firmware Version 6.4 or below, those units will need a circuit board modification in addition to the new chip. Upgrade cost including return shipping for those units is $215. Units currently running firmware higher than Version 6.4 only need the new chip, at a cost of $50.


The firmware is a free download on the Burk Technology Website, at


Per MTS, "System 3000D: The upgrade for the System 3000D is complete. This free file download will be posted on our website very shortly. The downloaded file is run on a Windows PC to create the update diskette. Installing the update involves mounting the diskette in System 3000D's drive and entering a keypad sequence to start the update. The process takes about three minutes. If the user isn't comfortable making the diskette from the downloadable file, a service pack diskette can be ordered for $20 (US Mail shipping included) by calling 919-553-2995.

EAS Encoder II (MTS's PC-based Encoder): The free upgrade for older versions of EAS Encoder II is available by email request, and is delivered by email. If the user wishes to upgrade to the latest version of Encoder II, which includes the new Event Codes, a new CD may be ordered by calling 919-553-2995. The cost is $49.95 for the CD, shipping, and the software registration processing."


The EPROM retrofit is currently available for the HU-961. The cost is $150 plus shipping and handling. There is also a refundable $25 core charge on the EPROM. The retrofit is designed to be field installed. Hollyanne will do the retrofit at their facility for an additional charge of $75 plus shipping and handling. Order the EPROM by calling Hollyanne at 308-428-4705. You will need to know your unit's serial number and firmware version number.

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