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Our Next Meeting:
Wednesday, April 26th

Elections and
Multi Camera Synchronization
Ultra Low Latency Streaming

by Jay Gedanken of Media Excel

Jay Gedanken of Media Excel has been involved in Digital Video since its commercial inception, around 25 years starting with MPEG 1 to the current technology H.265 often referred to as HEVC. His focus has been on encoding, decoding and transcoding either for storage or transmission over a variety of networks be it IP, cloud, satellite, terrestrial or virtually any pipe. His background also includes systems design, systems integration and installation as well as Pro Audio and Live video production.

Media Excel is no newcomer to digital video and is an industry leader in encoding, transcoding and decoding. The HERO family of products are flexible, high performance, cost effective and robust, with many different configurations to fit your specific requirements.

Jay will be talking about Multi Camera synchronization with arbitrary delays on the cameras as well as transcoding.

This meeting will be virtual
Meeting space details will be released via the
Chapter email group in the days preceding the meeting

Visitors and guests are welcome!

Our Chapter 8 Years Ago

Last Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Mike Travis, Secretary

The SBE Chapter 24 meeting was called to order by Matt Mommaerts at 07:01pm on March 23rd, 2023 via Zoom.

Approval of Minutes
Matt Mommaerts made a motion to approve the secretary meeting minutes from 02/22/2023, seconded by Russ Awe and approved as submitted.

Treasurer's Report
Mike Norton reports a sustaining membership check from WKOW-TV was received for deposit in the bank account. There were no recent expenditures. The Chapter 24 checking balance is [in the black].

Chapter Newsletter Report
Leonard Charles reports the deadline for the April eNews letter is Friday, March 31st at 5pm. Please forward any article of interest to Chapter members to If you send an article expect a reply of acknowledgement within a day or so. If you don't get one you should follow up to make sure your article was received.

We are still looking for a new newsletter editor. There is a possibility of sun setting the newsletter and utilizing the chapter email group for news moving forward. This will be discussed when the new leadership team assumes office.

Sustaining Member Chair Report
Mike Travis reports there was a renewal received from WKOW. The chapter remains at 9 sustaining members.

Program Committee Report
Matt Mommaerts is still planning to have a tour at the candelabra for the May meeting. If anyone has any ideas for programs please let Matt know.

SBE National Report
Matt Mommaerts reports there is a SBE Technical Profession Program for future engineers. More information about that can be found at Be on the lookout for your SBE renewal.

The SBE will extend the Ennes workshop at the 2023 NAB show. The SBE Ennes Workshop at the 2023 NAB Show will be held at the Westgate Resort and Casino. Registration for the Workshop will be separate from the NAB Show convention registration, and will be available on the SBE website, The $199 registration fee will include access to the two days of instruction in either the RF 101 or NextGen Broadcast track.

The SBE wants your help in recruiting new members, and you can win rewards for your efforts. Sponsor a new Member, Associate Member or Sustaining Member between March 1 and May 31, 2023, and you will be eligible for the prize drawings. For each approved new member application you sponsor you will earn $5 off your 2023 membership dues, up to $25. If you recruit three or more Regular or Associate Members, or one Sustaining Member, you will also receive an upgrade to SBE MemberPlus for the remainder of the 2023 membership period.

Membership Report
Matt Mommaerts reports we have 45 members assigned to Chapter 24. We have a new member, Peter, from the ECB. Welcome Peter!

Nominations Committee Report
Leonard Charles reports the nominations period is closed … sort of. We have a situation with the election that we haven't had since 1985. For every year since 1985 we've had one person hold each office in the chapter each year. We have been unable to locate anyone willing to serve as secretary for this upcoming year. Please email one of the nomination committee members as soon as possible.

If we don't get a secretary we will have to resort to having dual roles with the new leadership. Either Vice Chair / Secretary or Treasurer / Secretary. If anyone is interested in Secretary, please email one of the nomination committee members as soon as possible.

Certification and Education Report
Jim Hermanson wants to congratulate Marshall Deetz on receiving his life certification. There is an exam session June 1-12, 2023. April 21st, 2023 is the deadline to register.

Frequency Coordination Report
Gary Trenda reports there are no new frequency coordination requests. Gary is working on building relationships with the other state frequency coordinators. Thank you Vicki for the additional frequency coordination information!

Russ Awe made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Hermanson. Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.

The meeting was followed by a presentation on "Enterprise Asset Management" by David Kaszycki of Beam Dynamics ( Thank you, David!

Job Openings

WMTV TV, Broadcast Engineer
WKOW PT MC Operator

Program Ideas Appreciated

The Chapter 24 2023 meeting schedule is available here. If you have any suggestions for program topics you'd like to see, or if there is a topic that you'd like to present at an upcoming meeting, please contact Matt Mommaerts or one of the Chapter 24 officers .

Amateur Radio News
Compiled by Tom Weeden, WJ9H

Amateur Radio Included in FEMA Guide for National Emergency Preparedness
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released a final version (March 2023) of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Functional Guidance. The guidance, which provides a framework for communications resources within incident management, officially includes support from amateur radio operators. NIMS guides government, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector to work together to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and other emergencies.

"This is a major step in the recognition of the need and usefulness of amateur radio and other communications services in our national preparedness," said Josh Johnston, KE5MHV, Director of Emergency Management for ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio®. "It also gives official guidance to pave the way for future training and education of volunteers in ARRL's Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®)," Johnston added.

Amateur Radio Digital Communications Awards $420,000 to the FreeDV Project
Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC), a California-based foundation with roots in amateur radio and the technology of internet communication, has awarded a $420,000 grant to develop and document FreeDV, an open-source amateur radio technology. The grant, one of the first for 2023, will be used to help advance the state of the art in HF digital voice and promote its use.

FreeDV is a graphical user interface application for Windows, Linux, and macOS that allows any SSB radio to be used for low-bit-rate digital voice. Speech is compressed down to 1600 bits/second, then modulated onto a 1.25 kHz wide 16 QPSK signal, which is sent to the microphone input of an SSB radio. The technology was initially developed by David Rowe, VK5DGR. Now, an international team of radio amateurs are working together on the project.

Among the many opportunities for FreeDV, the ARDC grant will also allow:
  • Experienced digital signal processing developers to work with the volunteer staff to improve speech quality and low signal-to-noise ratio operation, making FreeDV performance superior to SSB over poor HF channels.
  • Commercial HF radio companies to embed FreeDV into at least two commercial radios, greatly reducing set up effort and latency.
  • Widespread adoption of a truly open-source, next-generation digital voice system for HF radio.
  • A mature, open-source low-bit-rate codec that's useful for a variety of amateur radio and commercial applications.
  • A suite of high-performance, HF data modems for open-source data applications, usable by any radio amateur.
To learn more about the technical specifications of FreeDV, go to

(Excerpts from the American Radio Relay League's

Implementing the Low Power Protection Act

On March 29th the FCC issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC-23-23A1) seeking comment on how to implement the Low Power Protection Act (LPPA) enacted by Congress and effective on January 5, 2023. The LPPA provides certain low power television (LPTV) stations with a "limited window of opportunity" to apply for primary spectrum use status as Class A television stations.

The Commission seeks comment on its approach to judge the qualifications of a LPTV station to become a Class A station by the standards established in the Community Broadcasters Protection Act of 1999 (CBPA) which established Class A criteria. Thus, to qualify for Class A status in the 90 days preceding the LPPA's January 5, 2023 effective date, and since then; at minimum (1) the station must have broadcast a minimum of 18 hours per day; (2) the station must have broadcast an average of at least 3 hours per week of Local Programming; (3) the station must have been in compliance with the Commission's requirements applicable to LPTV stations. In addition the station must be in compliance with the Commission's operating rules for full power television stations including being subject to the same license terms and renewal standards as a license for a full power television broadcast station.

Further, the station must demonstrate that it has not and will not cause any interference as described in the CBPA and as of January 5, 2023, the station operated in a Designated Market Area with not more than 95,000 television households.

Comments are due 30 days after publication in the Federal Register with Reply comments due 60 days after date of publication in the Federal Register.

Broadcast Engineering Badges with Scouts BSA
by Vicki W. Kipp

The organization we knew as 'Boy Scouts' in our youth is now called 'Scouts BSA.' Starting in 2019, girls are allowed to join Scouts BSA troops and earn badges. There are separate boys' troops and girls' troops.

Did you know that Scouts BSA offers 135 merit badges, and a few of them relate to broadcast engineering?

For the Radio Badge, Scouts can either learn about ham radio or tour a radio station.

Every October, there's a Scouts BSA worldwide ham radio Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA).

In addition, Scouts BSA offers an Electricity Badge and an Electronics Badge.

Scouts BSA has a Morse code requirement in their Signs, Signals, and Codes Badge.

And if someone mentions Morse code, then, naturally, we're going to talk about amateur radio.

One scout identified Last Man Standing as his favorite TV show. The ABC hit sitcom features a working ham shack with two Icom radios, QST magazine, an ARRL Handbook, a Morse code certificate, and a DXCC award. The leading man/ham, Mike Baxter (KA0-XTT), is played by Tim Allen. The Last Man Standing role inspired Tim Allen to get his ham radio license in real life.

I'm a ham, but I don't know Morse code. So I recruited SBE Chapter 24 member Tom Weeden, WJ9H, to teach my son's Scout Troop about Morse code.

Tom Weeden demos a Morse code keyer

Tom taught the boys about the origins of communication codes and let them try keying Morse code. The scouts got to choose a word and key that word for him to interpret. Tom decoded each 'dit' and 'dah' one letter at a time and wrote it on the board.

It can be a gamble to have adolescents make up a word for you to guess in front of an audience. But these are scouts we're talking about. The scouts that Tom selected had him decode words like: "B-S-A," "G-O-O-D-B-Y-E," and "R-E-S-P-E-C-T."

Tom Weeden decodes the letters scouts are keying as scouts try to key a word in Morse code

The scouts initially keyed on a Super Simple CPO kit designed by David Cripe, NMØS. The Super Simple CPO is a kit with a two-transistor astable multivibrator circuit. The CPO is a good practice tool, but the acoustics of a huge cinderblock meeting room and several dozen people made it a little hard to hear.

For that setting, we supplemented with a smartphone app called "MorseKey," and cranked up the smartphone volume. The "MorseTyper" app would also work well.

For practicing Morse code, "MorseMania" is a free and friendly app and website. For decoding Morse code, there is the more complex "CG Morse" smartphone app.

Tom Weeden shared resources for learning ham radio, including the Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club's (FLARC) in-person Technician class license course at the UW-Space Place.

The scouts learned, they keyed, and they may even become hams or ham ambassadors someday.

Ben, an active scout, discusses ham radio with Tom Weeden

Suppose you want to become a Scouts BSA Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) for a broadcast engineering-related badge. In that case, you can be invited to apply by a specific troop, or you can apply independently with the local Scouts BSA Council to be approved to lead that badge for any area troop, if there is a request for an MBC for that badge.

Some MBCs lead badges at day-long merit badge academies. Scouts can choose between many badges and earn a badge or two at the academy, if the scout has completed all of the badge requirements by the end of the session. Scouts are often asked to complete some badge requirements at home before attending the merit badge day to fit everything in.

Scouts BSA has many enthused MBCs who volunteer to lead badges. But there's not always a counselor in every troop for every technical or specialized badge.

For Scouts BSA, every volunteer must undergo a background check, complete two hours of Youth Protection Training every two years, and must never be alone with a scout. Scouts BSA practices "Two Deep Leadership." Learn more about Scouts BSA at

When you teach a scout something new, you never know what may become of it down the road.

SBE Membership Drive Runs thru May 31

With the theme, The SBE and YOU: The Perfect Fit, the SBE Membership Drive is running through May 31. SBE members are encouraged to recruit new members, and in doing so, could win prizes. The Grand Prize is a trip to the SBE National Meeting in the fall.

Read More

SBE Schedule at NAB

Friday, April 14
    9am - 4:30pm: SBE Ennes Workshop
    Westgate Conference Rooms 7,8,9,10

Saturday, April 15
    9am - 4:30pm: SBE Ennes Workshop
    Westgate Conference Rooms 7,8,9,10

    6:30pm - 10pm: Certification Committee Meeting
    LVCC Meeting Room W230

Sunday, April 16
    8:30am - 12pm: SBE Board of Directors Meeting
    LVCC Meeting Room W230

    11:30am - 12:30pm: SBE Technology Update
    LVCC Meeting Room W219-W221
    Tom Mikkelson and Stan Moote moderate this session

    2pm - 3pm: SBE Education Committee Meeting
    LVCC Meeting Room W230

Monday, April 17
    9am - 11am: SBE Frequency Coordinators' Meeting
    LVCC Meeting Room N263

    5pm - 6pm: SBE Membership Meeting
    LVCC Meeting Room W216-W218

    6:15pm - 7:15pm: SBE Member Reception
    LVCC Meeting Room W226

More Information

NAB Announces 2023 Engineering Achievement Awards

Two SBE members are the recipients of the 2023 NAB Engineering Achievement Awards. The recipients are Beasley Media Group's Michael Cooney awarded the Radio Engineering Achievement Award and NBCUniversal Local's H. Douglas Lung awarded the 2023 Television Engineering Achievement Award. They will be honored at the We Are Broadcasters Awards, held on the Main Stage of the 2023 NAB Show on April 18 at 10 a.m.

Read More

For the Record
compiled by Leonard Charles
Wisconsin FCC Actions Granted from the FCC Daily Digest

Licensee: Magnum Communications, Inc.
Station: WRDB, 1400Khz, Reedsburg, WI
Action: Minor Change in Licensed Facility

Certification and Education
compiled by Jim Hermanson

The Open 2023 Exam Schedule
Exam Dates Location Application Deadline
(to SBE National Office)

  June 1-12, 2023

  Local Chapters (Madison Area)

  April 21, 2023

  August 4-14, 2023

  Local Chapters (Madison Area)

  June 16, 2023

  November 3-13, 2023

  Local Chapters (Madison Area)

  September 8, 2023

When you are ready to take an SBE exam, note the open exam schedule, complete the appropriate application (found here... and send it directly to the SBE National office (see address below) with the respective fee. You will be notified once your application is approved. Before the exam time, your local certification chairman will receive a list of applicants and exams in his/her area and arrange for a proctor. He/she will then contact applicants to schedule a mutually agreeable date, time, and place for the exam(s) within the respective exam date window. This must be coordinated before the exam will be sent by SBE National. Completed exam(s) will be mailed back to SBE National for grading. Pass/fail results will be mailed directly to the applicants.

The majority of SBE certifications are open book and access to the Internet is allowed to give a more "real world" situation.

You may mail, email, or fax your applications to:
Megan E. Clappe
Certification Director
9102 N. Meridian St.
Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN 46260
317-846-9120 Fax

To apply for a specialist certification, an individual must currently hold certification on the Broadcast Engineer, Senior Broadcast Engineer, Professional Broadcast Engineer or Broadcast Networking Engineer Certification level. Exams must be completed within three hours and consist of 50 multiple-choice questions (two points each) and one essay question (20 points maximum). Examinees are provided one essay question to answer. Exams are pass/fail, and a score of 84 is a passing grade.

SBE Certification Exam Preparation
To help prepare for an SBE certification exam, for information on taking the test, and to see passing scores, visit this page

SBE Education Committee Launches Disability Survey

The SBE Education Committee is undertaking a survey that could have far-reaching benefits for some of our current membership, as well as future membership. Spearheading the initiative is SBE Education Committee member Len Watson, CPBE. The goal is to help those members connect with opportunities or to help those who were forced to leave due to challenges.


SBE Plans Expanded Ennes Workshop at the 2023 NAB Show

The SBE is planning to hold a two-day SBE Ennes Workshop at the 2023 NAB Show. It will be held April 14 and 15 at the Westgate Resort and Casino. Registration for the Workshop will be separate from the NAB Show convention registration, and will be available on the SBE website,, in January. The registration fee will include access to the two days of instruction in either the RF 101 or NextGen Broadcast track, and continental breakfast and a midday refreshment on both days.

The NextGen track is suitable preparation to take the SBE ATSC3 Specialist Certification exam. An exam session will be provided after the Workshop. Separate advance exam registration is required. Applicants also need to hold the requisite SBE Certification. Details on the exam opportunity will be included with the online Workshop registration.

May Webinars

Lighting Everything from Zoom Calls to Special Live Events

Thursday, May 4, 2023 | 1 p.m. CT

This session starts with a few basic lighting specifications and will work through light differences with an eye on color temperature and color rendering index of many LED light engines. The many options available for specific jobs as well as the history of lighting design will also be covered.

You will learn about basic lighting set ups and their challenges and conclude with a review of the recent Super Bowl halftime show lighting list to highlight the engineering needs for the event.
Your Instructor

Bob Culley, President, LightStream Design, Inc.
With more than 40 years of experience as a lighting designer for the media, Bob Culley started his career with MTV in 1981 and has worked lighting The Daily Show and PBS/Channel 13 in New York. With a focus on new technology, his consulting services design new studio lighting from tiny rooms to huge stages.

SBE Recertification Credit
The completion of a webinar from Webinars by SBE qualifies for 1 credit, identified under Category I of the Recertification Schedule for SBE Certifications.

Registration and Pricing
This webinar will be approximately 90 minutes long.

SBE Members: $62
MemberPlus Members FREE
Non-Members: $92
Registration Link

If you have questions regarding this course, contact Cathy Orosz via email or by phone at 317-846-9000.

2023 SBE RF Safety Course

Thursday, May 11, 2023 | 12 p.m. (Noon) CT

The SBE RF Safety Course provides an updated overview of RF radiation issues and practices for broadcasters, including:
  • Proving compliance at a broadcast site
  • Biological effects of RF radiation and the distinct differences between RF radiation and ionizing radiation
  • FCC, OSHA, state & local regulations - what they are and what you need to do to comply
  • Workplace hazards
  • Transmitter sites
  • SNG and ENG trucks
  • Remote operations (where news personnel can find problems such as on rooftops)
  • The unique issues at AM stations
  • RF hazard protection equipment - you may not need it but your contractors probably will
  • Signs - what they mean and what you need
The course is designed for broadcast station personnel, including chief and assistant chief engineers, transmitter site engineers, ENG and SNG maintenance personnel and management who need to have an understanding of RF safety issues and regulations.

It is recommended that persons taking the SBE RF Safety Course have at least some basic knowledge of electronics and understand the concept of frequency and power.
Your Instructor

Stephen Lockwood, CPBE, AMD, PE
Stephen Lockwood is a senior engineer and partner with Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers, with more than 35 years experience in the field of broadcasting and telecommunications engineering. He is a Registered Professional Electrical (P.E.) Engineer in Washington, Alaska, and Wyoming, and holds a BS in electrical engineering and a BS in engineering physics from Oklahoma Christian University. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, and Broadcast Technology Society elected AdCom Member, Member and past president of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE) and is a Member of Project Management Institute where is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP). He is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers where he holds the Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer (CPBE) and AM Directional Specialist (AMD) certifications, and he holds Amateur Radio Operator License K7SSL.

SBE Recertification Credit
The completion of a webinar from Webinars by SBE qualifies for 1 credit, identified under Category I of the Recertification Schedule for SBE Certifications.

Registration and Pricing
This webinar will be approximately 90 minutes long.

SBE Members: $62
MemberPlus Members FREE
Non-Members: $92
Registration Link

If you have questions regarding this course, contact Cathy Orosz via email or by phone at 317-846-9000.

More information about registering using the SBE MemberPlus benefit
All SBE webinars are included at no additional cost for members who renew or join using the $175 SBE MemberPlus membership option. You get all the live and archived Webinars by SBE in the SBE catalog plus any new webinars the SBE adds during the membership year, all for no extra cost. Members can renew and newcomers may join online at the SBE website using the SBE MemberPlus option.

Access to the SBE webinars through the SBE MemberPlus program is limited to the MemberPlus-purchaser only. You are not permitted to distribute, sell, copy, share, project or otherwise make the webinars available to any other individual or group without express written permission by the SBE.

Take Advantage of SBE's Comprehensive Archive of Webinars

Did you know that the SBE offers more than 140 archived webinars on technical, regulatory and management topics? Go to On-Demand Webinars - The Society of Broadcast Engineers ( to see what is available to you. Is there a topic that is missing from our archives that you would like to see? Contact Education Director Cathy Orosz at with your requests!

Views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), its officers, or its members. SBE Chapter 24, Inc. regrets, but is not liable for, any omissions or errors. Articles of interest to Chapter 24 members are accepted up to the close of business the 1st day of each month. Send your article to