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Steve Paugh Memorial Gathering

The Delta Alumni Association of Kappa Eta Kappa is planning a gathering at the Fraternity House (114 N. Orchard Street) to celebrate the life of Steve Paugh, and his contributions to the fraternity. The gathering will be Saturday, April 14th from 4 to 7 pm, and all are welcome to attend. The Delta Alumni Association will be providing food and drinks.


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Our Next Chapter Meeting: Thursday, Apr 26th

Elections / NAB Wrap Up

This month we will meet at the studios of WMTV TV. During the business meeting paper ballots for the 2018 Chapter 24 Officers Election will be made available. The paper ballot option is offered for those who were not able to cast their ballot electronically on the web site. Any necessary paper ballot will be filled out and collected at the meeting. The close of the April meeting will also be the close of the 2018 election process.

Then those at the meeting who had attended the NAB conference will be invited to share their experience via photos and/or discussion. If special AV needs are required for your presentation please contact Tom Weeden, Chief Engineer at WMTV TV.

Dutch treat dinner at 5:30 pm
Babes Bar and Grill
5614 Schroeder Rd
Madison, WI

Meeting and program at 7:00 pm
WMTV Studio
615 Forward Dr
Madison, WI

Visitors and guests are welcome!

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