SBE 24 EAS WI Plan

Wisconsin EAS Broadcast Chair - Gary Timm   (E-mail)

This is the official page for the Wisconsin EAS Plan. Files on this page will be updated as the State Plan is updated. To determine if you need to download any updated files since your last visit, compare dated titles below to those you currently have.

PDF files of the EAS Plan items listed on this page may be downloaded by right-clicking on the desired link. Then, select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...", and save as desired. This method will preserve the original file name.

To possess the entire State EAS Plan as required by FCC Rules, you should have a copy of the Main Plan, as well as each of the Appendices below.

These files are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have an Acrobat Reader on your computer, you may download one free at the link below.

Main Plan - Jan, 2020 (MAIN0120.pdf) = Main Section of Wisconsin EAS Plan - 25 Pages, 470 KB

Appendix A - Sep, 2015 (AP-A0915.pdf) = Table of Monitoring Assignments - 11 Pages, 424 KB

Appendix B - Jan, 2021 (AP-B0121.pdf) = NOAA Weather Radio Stations and Coverage - 4 Pages, 225 KB

Appendix C - Jan, 2020 (AP-C0120.pdf) = Master List of EAS Event Codes Used in Wisconsin - 4 Pages, 192 KB

Appendix D - Sep 2015 (AP-D0915.pdf) = Authorized Sources for Activating the EAS - 1 Page, 75 KB

Appendix E - Aug, 2015 (AP-E0815.pdf) = Boundary Map of Wisconsin EAS Local Areas - 1 Page, 85 KB

Appendix F - Jan, 2022 (AP-F0122.pdf) = State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC) - 2 Pages, 92 KB

Appendix G - Mar, 2016 (AP-G0316.pdf) = Plan Approvals - 1 Page, 178 KB

Appendix H - Aug, 2020 (AP-H0820.pdf) = Monitoring Assignment Waivers Issued in Wisconsin - 3 Page, 134 KB

Appendix J - Sep, 2015 (AP-J0915.pdf) = FCC Mapbook for Wisconsin - Coversheet - 2 Pages, 88 KB

Appendix K - May, 2018 (AP-K0518.pdf) = 2017 FCC-Required Multilingual Alerting Activity Summary - 1 Page, 89 KB

FCC Mapbook - April, 2000 (FCC-MAPBOOK-0400.pdf) = FCC Mapbook for Wisconsin - 19 Pages, 1.14 MB


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