SBE 24 EAS IPAWS Testing

Wisconsin County IPAWS Testing Information

County IPAWS Alert Originators: See two red notes below before beginning IPAWS testing.

With an increasing number of Wisconsin counties becoming authorized to send alerts via FEMA's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), many of those counties are now conducting weekly or monthly testing. These tests serve as an opportunity for county alert originators to practice sending alerts, as well as the awareness of broadcasters and cable operators who receive these tests that the county has IPAWS alerting capabilities.

Whether conducted weekly or monthly, these tests will always use the EAS Event Code "RWT - Required Weekly Test". That code is a log-only event, and will not be aired on broadcast stations or cable systems.

County IPAWS Test Times
The following document is a list of County IPAWS Tests Times that the Wisconsin EAS Committee is aware of, as well as times of IPAWS tests sent by FEMA and by Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM).

Broadcasters and Cable Operators: If your EAS unit is programmed for a county on the list, you should be receiving the test.

County IPAWS Alert Originators: The Wisconsin EAS Committee requests that counties not schedule their test at the exact same time as a time already being used by another county in their area. Before beginning testing, please consult the list below and pick a test time not already in use in your area.

Wisconsin County IPAWS Test Times - 2019-02-16.pdf

Guidance for Wisconsin Counties conducting IPAWS Testing
County IPAWS Alert Originators: Please consult the guidance document below for important information needed before you begin IPAWS testing.

Guidance Document for Wisconsin Counties Conducting Live Mode IPAWS Testing - 2019-10-01.pdf
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