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Historical Highlights of SBE Chapter 24

This memo from Chapter 24's first Chair, Don Borchert, serves as minutes of the Chapter's organizational meeting on April 8, 1969. Then, as approved at the meeting, on April 14th the newly elected Secretary, Robert Wickham, sent a letter of application to the SBE National Executive Secretary, Charles Hallinan.

This letter from the SBE National Executive Secretary, Charles Hallinan, was the response to the application letter sent by the founding members. Its contents and date mark the very beginning of SBE Chapter 24 in Madison, WI.

Announcements in the two local papers also mark the forming of Chapter 24 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers along with its first slate of officers and committee chairs.

These are minutes of a 1970 Chapter 24 meeting submitted to the National office.

This report to the Chapter is written by the first Chapter Chair, Don Borchert, for a meeting he wasn't able to attend in 1971.

This is a 1977 photo of the Chapter's first certification recipients.
photo and information provided by Neal McLain
Appearing in the photo from left to right:

(Back row) Gene Zastrow, Dennis Behr, Herb Jordan-WHA-TV, Paul Hendrickson-WHA-TV, Don Moran-WHA-TV, Don Borchert-WHA-TV, Jim Crooks-City of Madison, Elmer Weisensel-WMTV, Neal McLain-Complete Channel TV, Bob Zuelsdorf-WKOW-TV, Warren Sommerfield-City of Madison.
(Front row)Ken Dixon-WHA-TV, George Reynolds-WHA-TV, Paul Norton-ECB, Ron Bornstein-UW-Madison ,Bob Wickhem Sr.-WKOW-TV.

The above photo was taken at a Chapter 24 meeting in early 1977. The occasion was the grant of the first round of certifications to engineers who had been in the broadcasting business for ten years. These were the original CSBE certifications, a category that no longer exists. They were awarded on the basis of experience, rather than tests. At the time tests were just being developed. The meeting took place in the community room of the Hilldale branch of the bank formerly known as First Wisconsin Bank, at the corner of Midvale Blvd. and University Ave. Ken Dixon was chapter chair at the time.

In 1993 Chapter 24 provided the site and technology for the first ever SBE National Teleconference. The event took place as part of the Broadcasters Clinic that year at the then Holiday Inn SE (now the site of a Casino).
(left to right) John Poray (SBE Executive Director), Chris Imlay (SBE Counsel), Terry Baun (SBE Vice President), Chuck Kelly (SBE President), Leonard Charles (Chapter 24 Chair)

This is a photo of all Chapter 24 Members in attendance at the 2004 Broadcasters Clinic SBE Meeting.

Photo and information provided by Vicki W. Kipp.
Appearing in the photo from left to right:
(Back row) Fred Sperry of ECB, Kevin Ruppert of WISC-TV, Randy Kroll of WISC-TV, Leonard Charles of WISC-TV, Ken Ebneter of Ebneter Electronic Service, Lonnie Cooks of ECB, Stan Scharch of WISC-TV, Dave Schilz of WHA-TV, Phil Mikalofsky of ECB, Mike Norton of ECB.

(Middle row) Leslie Franzen of WMTV-TV, Jim Hermanson of WISC-TV, Mike Kulis of WISC-TV, Al Johnson of WYTE-FM, Dennis Baldridge of Baldridge Communications, Paul Stoffel of WHA-TV, Clif Groth of Clear Channel Radio - Madison, Steve Paugh of WISC-TV.

(Front row) Vicki Kipp of ECB, Jim Magee of Avid, Tom Smith of WHA-TV.

The photo was taken before a SBE Chapter 24 meeting on October 12, 2004 at the 30th Broadcasters Clinic. The photo was taken near the Lobby of the Marriott Madison West hotel on John Q. Hammons Drive in Middleton, Wisconsin. Mark Hoenecke of WHRM and Jeff Ayers of WLEF were the photographers. Chapter officers: Vicki Kipp- chair, Tom Smith- vice chair, Jim Magee- Secretary, Leslie Franzen- treasurer. Committee chairpersons: Fred Sperry- sustaining membership, Leonard Charles- webmaster and national liaison, Lonnie Cooks- special events coordinator, Mike Norton- newsletter editor, Jim Hermanson- education and certification, Paul Stoffel- membership, and Steve Paugh- program committee chair.

This is a memorial board dedicated to the Chapters' first Chair, Don Borchert. Don passed away in August of 2010.
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