SBE 24 MNF Trip

Panasonic/ABC 720P HDTV Truck Photo Tour
Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI
October 31, 1999

Pre-trip photo

Some Chapter 24 member gather at the Public Broadcasting Center parking lot, eager to load into a pair of Saturns for the trip to Green Bay.  The fog in the background got noticably worse for a portion of the drive.

Lambeau Field parking lot

Arrival at Lambeau field.  The HDTV truck is in the background, along with other equipment for the separate SDTV production of ABC's Monday Night Football.

Panasonic HDTV truck at Lambeau

The HDTV production trailer is 55 feet long.  The 'street-side' expansion of 6" can be seen, while a larger 6 foot expansion is on the 'curb-side.'  There is also another expansion on the end of the trailer in the audio area.

D-5 VTR area

Tape area, with Panasonic D-5 HD VTRs

D-5 VTR area view 2

Another view of the VTR area, with a flat-screen SGI program monitor in the corner.

Production Control

Production control area, with wall of flat-screen plasma and LCD displays.  The audio area is behind the window, while the graphics operator position can be see on the far left side of the picture.

Diesel Generator for event

Power for both the NTSC production and HDTV production units was provided by a diesel powered generator.

Photos by Vicki Kipp
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