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SBE 24 Programs Archive

Chapter 24 Meeting History

11/15/2017Broadcast IP Standards, Byron Nelson of Alpha Video, at WKOW TV
10/11/2017UW-Engineering Automated Vehicle Testing, Peter Rafferty, at the Clinic
9/21/2017The Spectrum Auction, Leonard Charles/Rich Wood, at WISC TV
8/23/2017Replacing Base Insulators on a self supporting tower, Rich Wood, at ECB
7/25/2017EIA/TIA RS-222 Code G Update, Edge Consulting, at ECB
6/22/2017The Purpose of Audio, Why Audiophiles Got It Wrong, Steve Paugh, at WISC TV
5/24/2017NAB Wrap Up at WMTV TV
4/18/2017Share Your Favorite App Night at WISC TV
3/23/2017Virtual Radio Broadcasting by Lawo at WISC TV
2/22/2017Raspberry Pi Based CCTV Camera & Server System at ECB
1/17/2017Low Wind Load Wideband Antennas, Ben Crease-Jampro, at ECB
12/6/2016Chapter Holiday Dinner at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/16/2016WMTV New Facility Tour, Tom Weeden host
10/12/2016How to Take a Vacation in a 24/7 Career, Jeff Welton at BC
9/22/2016Bob Orban Web presentation on Processing, at WISC
8/24/2016Remembering the Hi-Fi FAD, Steve Paugh at Full Compass
7/19/2016WVMO-LPFM Tour at Monona City Hall
6/16/2016Annual Chapter Picnic at Badger Prairie Park
5/25/2016NAB Highlights, Tour of WMTV construction in progress
4/12/2016FCC Satellite Uplink ID Mandate at WISC TV
3/24/2016Loudspeaker Tasting Party at Full Compass
2/24/2016Ebullient Cooling Systems, Mike Major, at Ebullient
1/19/2016Token Creek Mobile Television (Utah program)
12/17/2015Chapter Holiday Dinner at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/18/2015Tour of Epic Systems Deep Space Theater
10/14/2015SBE National Membership Meeting at the Clinic
9/17/2015Facilities Based IP Video Distribution by Vitec
8/12/2015Ensemble Designs NXT 450 Switcher by David Wood
7/14/2015Klover Products Parabolic Microphones by Paul Terpstra
6/11/2015Chapter Picnic, Cancelled due to weather
5/6/2015NAB Wrap Up at WMTV
4/7/2015IPv6, The Future of The Internet is Here by Jim Leinweber
3/12/2015WMSN Master Control Hubbing Project by Matt Mommaerts
2/11/2015Field Repairable Fiber Splicing by SplonCo/Joseph
1/13/2015KSJB Rebuild in North Dakota by Rich Wood
12/18/2014Chapter Holiday Dinner at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/19/2014Live Closed Captioning Demo by US Captioning at WISC TV
10/22/201450th Anniversary of SBE by Joe Snelson at the Clinic
9/18/2014Understanding ATSC A/53C Ancillary Data by HVS
8/13/2014AJA FS1-X by Gerard Tassone at WISC TV
7/15/2014Storage Technology by Jim Hermanson at ECB
6/12/2014Annual Chapter Picnic & Stacks of Wax
5/14/2014NAB Wrap Up at WMTV
4/16/2014Epic Data Center & Campus Tour
3/13/2014Acoustic Geometry at Full Compass
2/12/2014Web Streaming Appliances, at Full Compass
1/14/2014Cancelled due to a snow storm
12/19/2013Chapter Holiday Dinner at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/13/2013AED Training and Workplace Safety by Paul Meyer at ECB
10/9/2013Wireless STL by Bryan Jones (Telos) at Broadcasters Clinic
9/18/2013Operator Training by Bill Hamilton at WISC TV
8/14/2013Radio and the Connected Car by John Dolan at ECB
7/16/2013Dante Ethernet Audio, at Full Compass
6/13/2013Annual Chapter Family Picnic at Badger Prairie Park
5/15/2013NAB Wrap Up, at WMTV
4/16/2013Firewalls - How to Protect Your Facility and Yourself, Rob Roush at ECB
3/14/2013File-Based Audio/Video Production, Sound Devices PIX at Full Compass
2/13/2013Understanding MPEG encoder settings, Heartland Video at WISC TV
1/15/2013Troubleshooting RF Systems Using a Network Analyzer-Rich Wood at ECB
12/13/2012Holiday Party at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/14/2012Guess the Dialnorm by Steve Paugh at WISC TV
10/10/2012Tube Amplifiers and Vinyl Records by Jerry Whitaker at the Clinic
9/13/2012Weather Central Tour
8/15/2012Software Defined Radios at WMTV TV
7/17/2012Dane County EAS Plan-IPAWS & CMAS Implications at WISC TV
6/14/2012Annual Chapter Family Picnic at Badger Prairie Park
5/16/2012Tektronix Loudness and MPEG Analysis at the ECB
4/10/2012File-Based Content Creation by Tom Micksch of WHA at WISC TV
3/13/2012Studio Technologies Fiber Link and Token Creek HD Truck Tour
2/15/2012Digital Media Formats by Harris at WMTV plus Tour of new Control Room
1/17/20123D-TV Essentials by James Daniels of JVC at Full Compass
12/14/2011Holiday Party at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/17/2011Is Stereo Relevant In a 5.1 World by Kevin Peckham at Full Compass
10/12/2011Dr. Barry Orton at the Broadcasters Clinic Regional SBE Meeting
9/13/201110 Steps to Fearless Autocad, by Steve Paugh at WISC TV
8/18/2011Overture Center Tour
7/20/2011ATSC-M/H Mobile Video Solutions by Rhode Schwarz at WISC TV
6/22/2011WBA SBE Summer Engineering Workshop, Lake Geneva
6/16/2011Annual Chapter Family Picnic at Badger Prairie Park
5/17/2011Wisconsin Public Television HD Truck Tour at Vilas Hall
4/20/2011Low Cost Condenser Microphones by Kevin Peckham at Full Compass
3/15/2011The Broadband Plan & Wireless Mics by Tom Smith at ECB
2/17/2011The Syncbak system for Internet TV Distribution at WISC
1/19/2011IP STL Microwave Links by CommConnect at ECB
12/16/2010Holiday Party at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/17/2010HD Master Control by Utah Scientific at ECB
10/27/2010SBE National Awards Dinner at Broadcasters Clinic
9/16/2010Dane County Emergency Planning, Dave Janda, at WISC TV
8/18/2010Loudspeaker Part IV, by Steve Paugh at WISC TV
7/13/2010Tektronix DTV Ancillary Data Analysis at ECB
6/17/2010Annual Chapter Family Picnic at Badger Prairie Park
5/12/2010Cobalt Color Correction of On-Air Monitors at ECB
4/20/2010Kaltman RF Analyzer Training at Full Compass
3/16/2010The Indoor Noise Problem by Steve Johnston, WPR
2/18/2010Wireless Mics & Spectrum Planning by Tom Smith at ECB
1/12/2010Audio Loudness, by Steve Paugh at WISC TV
12/17/2009Holiday Party at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/11/2009Telestream File Flipping, at WISC TV
10/14/2009Broadcasters Clinic-History of the Cart Machine
9/17/2009New Full Compass Site, JVC HD Video products
8/12/2009Loudspeakers Part III by Steve Paugh at WISC TV
7/14/2009Tour Token Creek Mobile Video
6/11/2009Annual Chapter Family Picnic at Badger Prairie Park
5/13/2009Linear Acoustic DTV audio Processing, at WISC TV
4/14/2009LED lighting by ETC at WISC TV
3/19/2009Digital Broadcast, Megan Bradley, at ECB
2/19/2009Tour WSUM studios
1/13/2009Microphones at Full Compass, by Kevin Peckham
12/11/2008Holiday Party at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/12/2008Tour, Charter Cable Headend in Fitchburg
10/15/2008SBE National Membership Meeting at Broadcasters Clinic
9/11/2008Trends in Nuclear Energy, UW Engineering Campus
8/13/2008Tour, Wisconsin Public Radio, Vilas Hall
7/15/2008Loudspeakers Part 2, Steve Paugh, at WISC TV
6/18/2008WBA/SBE Summer Workshop at Stone Harbor Resort
6/11/2008Annual Chapter Family Picnic at Badger Prairie Park
5/14/2008Harris NetVX at Clear Channel Radio
4/24/20082Ghz update, DTV R&O, by Leonard Charles at WISC TV
3/19/2008Content Management by Matt Rockwell, at ECB
2/13/2008Tour of Wisconsin Eye
1/15/2008Sound Devices
12/13/2007Holiday Party at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/14/2007Low Cost Digital Audio Consoles, by Logitek, at WISC TV
10/10/20079XM Talking, by author Randall Davidson at the Clinic
9/13/2007Madison Fire Dept Hazmat Truck Tour
8/15/2007Loudspeakers by Steve Paugh at WISC TV
7/17/2007DTV Multichannel Audio by Linear Acoustics at the ECB
6/20/2007WBA/SBE Summer Workshop at the Waters in Minocqua
6/14/2007Annual Chapter Family Picnic at Badger Prairie Park
5/16/2007Discovery Mediaworks Tour Discovery Mediaworks Tour
4/11/2007Cancelled due to Snow Storm
3/15/2007Optimizing Networks for HD Radio at WIBA
2/15/2007RadioMobile RF Path Predictions by Tom Weeden at WMTV
1/16/2007Transitioning To HD Radio by Harris at the ECB
12/17/2006Holiday Party at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/15/2006Full Compass - Audio microphones and speaker systems
10/25/2006Broadcasters Clinic - Dr. Barry Orton
9/14/2006Tour of the Dane County Airport
8/16/2006WiFi at WISC TV
7/18/2006Madison Area HD Radio (Impromptu) at ECB
6/22/2006Annual Chapter 24 Family Picnic, Badger Prairie Park, Verona
6/14/2006WBA Summer Engineering Workshop, Elkhart Lake
5/18/2006UW Physics Department, Plasma Lab
4/18/2006Chapter Elections/Tour New ECB Tech Core
3/21/2006Tour of new studio of Midwest Family Radio, Madison
2/15/2006Podcasting and Mobile Video at WISC TV
1/18/2006Digital Photography at the ECB
12/13/2005Holiday Party at Fitzgerald's in Middleton
11/17/2005DTV Receiver Shootout and PSIP Stream Sniffing at WBUW TV
10/12/2005American Transmission Company at the Broadcast Clinic
9/13/2005Using Fiber for ENG Applications at WISC TV
8/18/2005Tour of the Overture Center
7/20/2005Land Mobile Radio Overview by General Comm at the ECB
6/21/2005Annual Chapter 24 Family Picnic
6/5/2005WBA Summer Engineering Workshop-Green Lake
5/19/2005Token Creek Truck Tour
4/12/2005Tower Inspections at WMTV - Chapter Elections
3/16/2005Sony HDV Format at Full Compass - Officer Nominations
2/15/2005Tour of Electronic Theater Controls
1/13/2005Belden-CDT at WPT ECB
12/15/2004Christmas Dinner at Timber Lodge Steak House
11/18/2004Certification at WHA-TV Studio A
10/13/2004Broadcast Clinic-Tower Training with Winton Wilcox
9/16/2004VIP Duplication & Media Services
8/11/2004Fiber Signal Transport Basics at Full Compass
7/29/2004NAB Road Show with Larry Bloomfield at Avid/INEWS
6/16/2004WBA-SBE Summer Engineering Workshop-Appleton
6/15/2004Annual Chapter 24 Summer Picnic
5/18/2004In Game Services and WMTV/WBUW Tower Construction
4/15/2004Tour of Dane County 911 Center
3/17/2004DV Firewire Field Acquisition and Grassland Media Tour
2/17/2004W Campus Cogeneration Facility at Wis Public Bcst Center
1/15/2004Sound Devices at WHA Studios
12/17/2003Holiday Party at Timberlodge Steak House
11/18/2003Masstech Automation at WKOW TV
10/15/2003Broadcast Clinic, National SBE Membership Meeting
9/15/2003Orban Processing Truck, Tour of Entercom Studios
8/13/2003Digital One at the Wisconsin Public Broadcasting Center
7/15/2003NAB Road Show with Larry Bloomfield at WISC Studio C
6/18/2003WBA Summer Engineering Workshops-House On The Rock
6/17/2003Chapter Picnic at Badger Prairie Park
5/22/2003E2V High Power Tubes
4/23/2003Avid/INEWS Technologies
3/17/2003DTV Receiver Shake Down at WHA Studio A
2/20/2003Madison Media Institute Tour
1/15/2003Sony E-machines and Wireless Camera System
12/17/2002Christmas Dinner at Timber Lodge Steak House
11/21/2002ADC Connector Clinic at ECB
10/16/2002Broadcast Clinc - DTV Web Site - Wis Amber Alert Plan
9/18/2002Token Creek Mobile Production Truck
8/20/2002Digital Studio Connectivity by ADC at the TOC
7/18/2002SBE Family Picnic, Wis Radio Trivia and Nostalgia
6/20/2002Weather Central at WKOW TV
6/19/2002SBE/WBA Summer Engineering Workshop, Sturgeon Bay WI
5/21/2002Elections and Lightning Protection by Richard Tarney
4/18/2002NAB Review
3/20/2002Broadcast Engineering and the Web by Tom Smith
2/19/2002Sonic Foundry Music and Video Editing Software
1/17/2002High Tech Surveillance Equipment by Boldtronics
12/19/2001Dr. Barry Orton, UW Telecommunications Professor
11/27/2001In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) Digital Radio by Harris Bcst
10/10/2001Broadcast Clinic, DTV Panel Discussion
9/19/2001Tour Midwest Family Radio, WTDY et all
8/28/2001Madison Candelabra Digital Conversion
7/26/2001Annual Chapter Family Picnic at Mendota County Park
6/20/2001Amateur Radio for Broadcast Engineers by Tom Weeden
5/23/2001Local EAS Plan Introduction and NAB Review
4/26/2001Elections and UW Engineering Expo Wrap-Up
3/21/2001Youth Night 2 at Madison Media Institute
2/20/2001AES Digital Audio by ADC at Babe's Bar & Grill
1/18/2001WISC DT Tour and Discussion of DTV Issues
12/20/2000Vertical Blanking Interval Systems at the TOC
11/21/2000Vibrant News Editing system at WKOW TV
10/18/2000Broadcast Clinic - Personal Communications
9/20/2000Special Event-Tour to Resonance Research Inc.
9/19/2000Student Night at WMTV TV15
8/24/2000Jampro Broadcast Antennas at WISC TV3
7/19/2000Annual Family Picnic at Mendota County Park
6/20/2000Tour of the UW Pyle Center
5/25/2000Tour of Mike Dorrough's collection and Short Wave station
4/26/2000Elections and Dane County Emergency Alert System
3/21/2000Madison Radio Group Studio Tour
2/24/2000The Future According to Charter Communications
1/19/2000Testing ITU-R 601 Digital Video Systems
12/21/1999Streaming Video over LAN and the Web
11/18/1999SBE Student Night
10/20/1999Broadcast Clinic - SBE National Meetings
9/21/1999Avid News Cutter Demo
8/26/1999Certification Night
7/21/1999Annual Chapter Family Picnic at Mendota County Park
6/22/1999Open Forum on current issues
5/20/1999EAS for Cable
4/27/1999Elections and NAB Review
3/23/1999SBE Executive Director Prep for National Meeting
2/23/1999Year 2000 Preparations
1/20/1999WKOW TV DT Transmitter Tour
12/15/1998DTV Discussion by Snell & Wilcox
11/19/1998Youth Membership Night at WKOW TV
10/21/1998Broadcast Clinic - Preparing for the Year 2000
9/22/1998Special Event - Harris/PBS DTV Express Tour
9/16/1998Discussion of DBS Viewer Waivers Process
8/25/1998National Weather Service Facility Tour at Sullivan
7/23/1998Annual Chapter 24 Family Picnic at Mendota County Park
7/15/1998WBA/SBE Summer Engineering Workshop in Green Bay
6/15/1998Tour WKJG-TV/NBC 33 Remote Truck at Marriot
5/19/1998Tour of TDS Metrocom
4/16/1998Elections and NAB Review
3/18/1998ATM data Transmission by Fore Systems
2/17/1998Digital Test Equipment - Tektronix/Hartman
1/22/1998Rich Wood review of the collapse of the WOLX Tower
12/16/1997Video Servers by Roscor's Tom Sibenaller
11/18/1997Tour - Electronic Theater Controls Inc.
10/22/1997Broadcast Clinic - Planning for DTV
9/23/1997Digital Plant Design by Tektronix Jeff Conway
8/27/1997Video Servers/Automation by Odetics/HP
7/24/1997Annual Chapter Picnic at Mendota County Park
6/19/1997Trip to Norlight Communications
5/22/1997PrimeCo Personal Communications
4/16/1997Elections and NAB Review
3/18/1997Shockley Communications Satellite Uplink Truck
2/20/1997Digital Tape Options by Sony, Michael Taylor
1/22/1997EAS discussion, DVC Pro, Sony digital S System
12/17/1996Holiday Party, no business conducted
11/20/1996Tektronix Editstar, WKOW's Comark Transmitter, Wx Central
10/30/1996Broadcast Clinic, Local EAS Plan Case Studies
9/24/1996Local EAS and DTV update at WHA TV
8/22/1996Grassland Media Atlanta Olympic Job/Truck Tour
7/27/1996Family Picnic at Greenfield Park in Fitchburg
7/18/1996WBA/SBE Summer Engineering Workshop in Green Lake
6/19/1996Panasonic DVC Pro by Roscor's Tom Sibenaller
5/23/1996ATM Video over Fiber Optic Links (Vilas/DOIT)
4/23/1996Member reports on NAB Convention
3/20/1996WISC TV Chris Cain presents HTML programming
2/22/1996at ECB/TCI proposed Madison Area Video Network
1/18/1996HTML programming - Cancelled due to Snow Storm
12/19/1995Tour of Madison Community Tower
11/15/1995Broadcast Clinic / EAS Teleconference
10/31/1995Sign on Breakfast sponsored by Sony at Perkins
10/19/1995Tour - WMTV newly remodeled Master Control
9/20/1995Tour - Midwest Family Stations Madison
8/22/1995Facility Security by ADT
7/22/1995Chapter Picnic at Greenfield Park in Fitchburg
7/19/1995WBA/SBE Summer Engineering Workshop in LaCrosse
6/22/1995Emergency Alert System (EAS)
5/24/1995Tektronix Profile Professional Disk Server
4/20/1995NAB Review
3/22/1995Tour - MEG Communications Center
2/15/1995BTS Media Pool Disk Based Video System
1/19/1995Midwest Radio Tour Cancelled due to snow storm
12/13/1994Tour - Dane County Emergency Management Center
11/9/19941994 Broadcaster Clinic Regional Meeting
10/19/1994Digistor Video File Server
9/21/1994Grassland Media CPU Based Edit System & Truck
8/23/1994The Internet at Promega
7/30/1994Family Picnic at Greenfield Park in Fitchburg
7/12/1994WBA Eng Workshop at Landmark in Door County
6/23/1994Noon Lunch-Dane Co Emergency Management
5/25/1994New Tech in Sports Medicine at UW Clinic
4/26/1994WISC TV SNG vehicle "Satellite on Wheels"
3/28/1994NAB Review and Tour of Wisconsin Public Radio/TV
3/15/1994test program for sorting evidence
2/23/1994Telephone Systems with Scharch Electronics
1/18/1994WMTV Antenna Install with Skyline Communications
12/16/1993Dan Maney Home Brew projects at WKOW TV
11/10/1993All Chapter Teleconference-Broadcast Clinic
10/19/1993Fiber Optics, Todd Communications, Comlux
9/16/1993Machine Control / Dynatech Newstar
8/18/1993A Historical Perspective of Broadcasting
7/20/1993Digital Satellite Compression, TOC tour
7/14/1993WBA Convention at Lake Geneva
6/17/1993Antennas for HDTV by Joe Zuba of Dielectric
5/19/1993Tour - Synchrotron Radiation Center, Stoughton
4/27/1993Elections - NAB Review
3/23/1993Tour - Grassland Video
2/17/1993The Video Toaster
1/20/1993Maney_Logic's News Timer Plus
12/17/1992Sony Video Disk Recording Technology
11/18/1992Roscor - Digital Audio Workstation Demo
10/20/1992David Felland on HDTV Broadcast Milwaukee to Chicago
9/17/1992Sony - PVT-115 Portable Video Transceiver
8/19/1992CHUBB Group of Insurance - Loss Reduction
7/21/1992Magni Monitor
7/18/1992Chapter 24 Family Picnic and Fish Fry at Doug McDonell's
7/15/1992SBE - WBA Summer Convention at Wisconsin Dells
6/18/1992Lunch - Dr. Bornstein, Skyline Communications
5/20/1992Tour Pro Video, WOLX, Abella Audio, Terry Baun on SBE
4/21/1992Elections/NAB Highlights at Brat & Brau
3/18/1992Diane Saunders Middleton EMS - Tour WMMM
2/19/1992Tour - Broadcast Communications in New Glarus
2/13/1992Special Event-Sign On Breakfast
1/2/1992Tour - WIBU Radio
12/19/1991Tour - WISC TV
11/20/1991Tour - MG&E Operations Center on Main Street
10/16/1991Lunch - No Program at Alexanders
9/18/1991Panasonic D3
8/21/1991Fidelapac Digital Audio Cart Machine
7/27/1991Chapter 24 Fish Fry at Doug McDonell's House
7/23/1991Tour - Cellular One
7/17/1991SBE - WBA Summer Convention - Stevens Point
6/20/1991Lunch - No Program at Alexanders
5/22/1991Tour WISC TV Sony LMS
4/23/1991Elections/Discussion of NAB Highlights
3/19/1991MPI Film and Video - off line editing
2/13/1991Tour - Dane County 911 Center
1/15/1991Slide Show of a Cable TV System by Neal McLain
12/12/1990Audio Precision System One Audio Test Set
11/14/1990Broadcast Clinic Nuts & Bolts
10/16/1990SBE Convention Report/Tour - Weather Central
9/13/1990Local Area Networks (LAN) by Chris Cain
8/15/1990Eimac - Klystrode at Alexanders
7/10/1990Packet Radio by Doug Smith and Tom Weeden
6/21/1990Magni System Test Generators-Waveform Monitors
5/23/1990Tour - TOC KU Satellite Uplink
4/19/1990Elections/NAB Review at Alexanders
3/21/1990Lunch - No Program at Alexanders
2/20/1990Sony - Description/discussion of Digital Video
1/18/1990Dane County Safety Communications, Jim Engeseth
12/20/1989WP&L- Economic factors of equipment purchase
11/21/1989Grass Valley - Fiber Optic Communications
10/26/1989John Crooks of Broadcast Comm on Tower Maintenance
9/20/1989QEI Cat-Link system using T-1 telephone lines
8/7/1989Lunch - no program (not an official meeting)
7/29/1989Chapter Fish Fry at Doug McDonnel's House
7/11/1989Lunch - no program - at Alexanders
6/12/1989Lunch - no program - at Alexanders
5/20/1989Full Day Audio Clinic at WISC TV
5/3/1989Elections/NAB Review at Alexanders
4/11/1989Formal Business Meeting Only at Alexanders
3/8/1989Microwave Radio on ENG Microwave at WISC TV
2/13/1989CPR-First Aid Course at the Red Cross (2nd of 2 evenings)
2/7/1989Time Domain Reflectometers/Ken W. Meyers Co.
2/6/1989CPR-First Aid Course at the Red Cross (1st of 2 evenings)
1/28/1989Bus trip to Tour Andrew Corp plant near Chicago
1/11/1989Lunch Business Meeting at Alexanders
12/12/1988Deomonstration at/of Colorgraphics Equipment
11/9/1988Computer Viruses by David Willow at Alexanders
10/11/1988RF Seminar at WMSN, Joe Thomas, Andrew, Tek
9/14/1988Computer Bulletin Boarding by David Willow
8/9/1988Safety - Red Cross, OSHA and WP&L
7/30/1988Chapter Fish Fry at Doug McDonnel's House
7/6/1988Voice Computing Inc. - Telephone Voice System
6/7/1988Tour of Wisconsin Public Broadcasting's TOC
5/11/1988L.E.A. Dynatech on Transient Surge Suppression
4/20/1988NAB Review at Corby's in Nakoma Plaza
3/8/1988Tour - WP&L Operations Control Center in Stoughton
2/11/1988Ikagami-Evolution of Computer Cameras at WMSN
1/13/1988Dynatech's Mark Ross on Interface Technology
12/1/1987WISC TV Tower - Structural Systems Technology
11/5/19873M - Video Tape, A Manufacturer's View
10/8/1987Tour of the ECB TOC and Odetics Demo
9/9/1987Tour - RW Video - Discussion on HDTV
8/12/1987Lunch Meeting on Sustaining Membership Program
7/21/1987Fish Fry at Doug's House
6/18/1987Noon Lunch at Bonanza at Southtowne
5/13/1987Tour - Concept Productions on Big Sky Drive
4/14/1987NAB Review at Corby's in Nakoma Plaza
7/30/1986Picnic at Doug McDonnel's Home
2/18/1986Doug McDonnel on ANSI Radiation Standards
1/20/1986Logitech Audio on Audio Grounding
12/17/1985Lunch Meeting
11/21/1985Full Compass demo of Technics CD Player
10/23/1985Jim Wulliman - SBE Certification
9/25/1985Tour - WP&L Control Center
7/17/1985Lunch Meeting
5/22/1985Harris - Audio Time Base Corrector
4/25/1985Dr. Theodore Bernstein on Lightning
2/21/1985Sony Betacam Demonstration
1/17/1985Tour - Rustad Wickham Productions
12/20/1984Lunch - EBS Discussion
11/27/1984Tour - Nicolet Instruments
10/2/1984Proposed Candelabra Project
9/22/1984Lunch Meeting
8/14/1984Lunch Meeting
5/23/1984SCTE - Cable and Connectors
4/24/1984Tour - WMTV TV
2/22/1984SCTVE - Cable TV Encoding
1/24/1984Tour - WKOW TV & Weather Central
12/22/1983General Business Meeting
11/22/1983Tour - WLVE Studios
11/2/1983Motorola Cellular Radio Systems
9/20/1983General Business Meeting
11/30/1982Tour - WORT Radio
4/13/1982NAB Highlights
2/23/1982Not Available
5/27/1981Not Available
3/27/1981Not Available
2/25/1981Small Computer in Television
12/29/1980Discussion of certification and abolition of First Class License
10/30/1980Telemet Fiber Optics
9/29/1980Dr. Ted Bernstein - Lightning
8/27/1980Tour - WP&L Monitoring Facility
5/28/1980Tour - Nicolet Instruments
4/28/1980NAB Highlights
2/25/1980Heathkit Computer
1/28/1980Tour - WMTV Weather Radar Facility
6/11/1970Unkown Program
5/13/1970Ken Dixon - Gating Generator
4/12/1970Gene Zastrow - Digital and Logic Circuits
3/11/1970Dave Chapman - Telemet Distributor
2/11/1970Dune Godshall - Forest Products Lab Tour
1/13/1970Herb Jordan - Colorimetry and Color TV Basics
12/11/1969Peter Dare/Guy Lewis - RCA TV Tape
11/12/1969Bob Zuelsdorf - Semiconductor Theory
10/14/1969Bob Wickhem - Tour of WKOW TV
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